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Public Speaking Journal


Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir PMP

What clients say about Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir and Scatterwork GmbH:
“High level of service, very flexible and professional attitude. Would
recommend to our partners.”
-PMI Serbia

17 June 2014, Presentation: Project Management for Social Good benefits Everybody, Project Society Conference, Belgrade, Serbia.

10 June 2014, Formation continue: Introduction à la direction de bureaux d’architectes et d’ingénieurs, Société suisse des ingénieurs et des architectes, Lausanne, Switzerland.

24 April 2014, Formation continue: Des outils pour la génération d’alternatives, Congrès de management de projet, Lausanne, Switzerland

28 March 2014, Webinaire: Gestion de risques, SIA Société suisse des ingénieurs et des acrchitectes, Switzerland.

2 December 2013, Chapter Event:Does PM vary by Industry and Country?  Some Personal Reflections, PMI Switzerland, Basel.

21 June 2013, Cours: Introduction à la direction de bureaux d’architectes et d’ingénieurs, SIA, Lausanne, Switzerland.

24 May 2013, Webinar: Cloud Workflows for Procurement, B2B Smart Networks

3 April 2013, Conférence: Le réseautage comme outil pour les chefs de projet, Congrès du Management de Projet, Lausanne, Switzerland.

21 September 2012, Presentation: Group Team Simulator for Trainers, STS User Meeting, Zürich, Switzerland.

15 June 2012, Presentation: Tips for supporting a Virtual Teamwork Culture, Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland.

14 June 2012, Webinar: “Human Communications for Multi-Location Projects”, PMI Consulting Community of Practice.

7-9 May 2012, Workshop: Human Challenges of Multi-Location Projects, PMI Global Congress 2012—EMEA, Marseilles, France. (event report)

3 May 2012, Course: How to succeed in a Virtual World!, SIA, Zürich, Switzerland.

12 April 2012, Conférence: Communication actuelle pour des équippes virtuelles, Congrès du Management de Projet, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.

26 October 2011, Scrum Breakfast: Tipps für die Virtuelle Arbeit, ICT, Bern, Switzerland.

14 September 2011, Knowledge Management Round Table: Collaboration und Knowledge Management Prozesse in Virtual Teams, Universität Basel, Switzerland.

25 May 2011, Seminar: “Virtual Teams and Communications”, PMI Yu, Belgrade, Serbia.

24 March 2011, Workshop: New World of Work – the Role of Virtual Teams, Microsoft, Wallisellen, Switzerland.

10 March 2011, Round Table: Swiss Knowledge Management Forum, EPFL, Lausanne. Switzerland.

9 March 2011, Tip of the Day: Agree to the Operational Guidelines, allPM.

9 March 2011, Tip of the Day: Listen Actively, allPM.

9 March 2011, Article: Tips and Tricks for Managing International Projects, allPM.

2 March 2011, Scrum Breakfast: Tipps für die Virtuelle Arbeit, SwissICT, Altstetten, Zürich, Switzerland.

7 February 2011, Co-Author: How can we exploit Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc within the PMI Switzerland Chapter? PMI Switzerland Newsletter, p 6.

25 October 2010, Lecture: Risk Management, MBA and Executive Diploma Programmes, iimt, Fribourg, Switzerland.

6 October 2010, Presentation: ” Zertifizierungen von PMI und IPMA im Vergleich” with Dr. Daniel Baumann; PM Training Forum, Zürich, Switzerland.

5 October 2010, Article: “Mutual Support Mechanisms for PMI Switzerland Chapter Members”, PMI Switzerland Newsletter.

30 September 2010, Article: “Real life Stories of Unhappy Stakeholders”, allPM.com.

25 September 2010, Interview: Show# 254 Deasun O Conchuir Overview of PMBOK. The Cranky Middle Manager Show.

28-30 June 2010, Session Chair: “Bio-, Medical-Mechatronics” at Mechatronics2010 Conferrence, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

6 June 2010, Workshop: “Human Challenges in Virtual Project Teams”, PMI Switzerland, Geneva. Report Pp 9-10.

2 March 2010, Speaker: “Quick Wins from Virtual Teams”, PMI Switzerland, Basel. Report P 6.